02 May, 2024
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Tlaxcala (Mexico), Sr. Elizabeth Flores Pérez, May 5th,  2024.- Remain in my love

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01 May, 2024
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Aconcagua, 05/01/2024, Sr. Sandra Segovia Gallardo, JPIC delegate.- Our first online meeting of the year 2024 for the JPIC delegates from different structures was held on April 17 via Zoom, where 23 representatives from different structures convened.

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30 Apr, 2024
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Sainville (France), 04/30/2024, Sisters Carmen Leonor Cortés C. and Marta Roselia Galdámez H.- SA dream has come true. From the moment our superiors offered us such an incomparable experience, our hearts began to beat in unison with this great pilgrimage.

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