09 Sep, 2023
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Manizales (Colombia), 08/18/2023, MCS University.- The Chamber of Representatives of the Republic of Colombia, delivered this important recognition to the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, in a significant ceremony held at the Catholic University of Manizales, with the presence of the Representative, Dr. Santiago Osorio Marín, Dominican Sisters of the Presentation of Manizales and Bogotá and the accompaniment of the lay community that are part of the work in Manizales.

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08 Sep, 2023
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Roma (Italy), 09/08/2023, Justice and peace.- One of the options contained in our project for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation is "the option of listening to the cry of the poor". How can we understand this option so that it transcends our service to Charity in the manner of Marie Poussepin? What are the expressions of this option in the Congregation today?

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07 Sep, 2023
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Amman (Jordan), 09/07/2023, Sr. Aliya Hikmat Korkees, Viceprovince Delegate JPIC.- Amman Italian Hospital, where we have been working since 2007, has developed medical services provided to patients by introducing medical developments that did not exist before. As the management of the hospital, we have contracted with the Jordanian Association Operation Smile, which carried out its free medical campaign to treat cases of cleft lip, cleft palate and burns, which was held in March 2023..

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