15 Feb, 2017
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Barcelona (Spain), 02/16/2017, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- We present you today the program in the Reserved Area for our next online course on the Means of Communication for the Sisters of our Congregation. All of you, Sisters, are invited to register your names, if you want to have a basic initial formation on MSC for your ministries, in view of Evangelization.

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14 Feb, 2017
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Guaimaca (Honduras), 02/14/2017, Project's Group of the Solidarity.- It was Hurricane Mitch in 1998, with its aftermath of devastation in Honduras, and the request of Cardinal Sean O'Malley, then Bishop of Fall River, Massachusetts, to be part of a diocesan team, that as United States Province, we read the pressing call of the Lord. Pope John Paul II had made a call, in the synod of Bishops of America, to the cooperation of the Churches of the North and South. 

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07 Feb, 2017
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La Grande Bretèche (Tours-France), Summer of 2016, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- We offer the fourth chapter of the series that we are preparing on archives and mission of archivist.

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