25 Jul, 2016
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Poland, 07/25/2016, Sr. Victoria Balteanu.- Dear Sisters: I write to share with you that I am in Poland, from July 17 to August 1st, at the International World Youth meeting. I have come from Lebanon with a group of young people to work as volunteers during the meeting.

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06 Jul, 2016
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Digthon (USA), 07/05/2016, Vice-Province USA.- The Canonical Visit of the General Government (06/15/2016 - 07/04/2016) to the USA structure was certainly filled with blessings for everyone. The presence of Sr. María Escayola, Sr. Mariamma Paul and Sr. Rosario Garcés was a time not only of sharing and listening, but also an opportunity to experience the Congregation and to renew ourselves. We welcome them first at our Vice Provincial House in Dighton, where we had a gathering and prayer together, as well as the Celebration of the Jubilees of Religious Profession of five of our sisters.

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30 Jun, 2016
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Karehally (India), 06/02/2016.- God’s blessings has been Showered on this institute through our patron St. Dominic in whose name it stands as a witness to “thirst for truth, wisdom and knowledge.”

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