09 Oct, 2016
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Lima (Peru), 10/01/2016, Srs. from Los Andes.- With joy and a sincere attitude of communion, we welcomed Hna. Maria Escayola Coris, superior general, Sr. Mariamma Paul Ollukaran, Hna. Diana Gisela Dolorita, Hna. María Fabiola Duque Cifuentes and Hna. Rosario Garcés del Castillo, general councilors who have come for the canonical visit of the province of Los Andes.

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06 Oct, 2016
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Manizales (Colombie), 09/02-25/2016, Srs. province of Manizales.- Radiating with joy, the sisters of the Province of Manizales prepared to receive the “Congregation” in a unique way in our Superior General and her council, who came to us as messengers of peace to share the life of each sister and each local community. They encouraged us to live consecrated life in a radical way from its different dimensions.

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04 Oct, 2016
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La Grande Bretèche (Tours-France), Summer of 2016, Srs. Gemma Morató and Conchi García.- It is always a pleasure to interview Sr. Dominique du Christ, archivist of our Congregation. She never leaves you unmoved, she makes you reflect. Her wider knowledge of the history of our Congregation makes you aware that you are learning from a trustworthy source. With her energetic character she transmits to us her knowledge; in this interview she presents: what are the archives, what we must keep for the history, what are the fundamental notions that all the sisters must have, as we are the guardians of our patrimony...

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