27 Jul, 2016
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Bogotá (Colombia),06/18/2016, Sr. Matilde Beltrán.- The Provinces of Santafé and Bogota jointly celebrated a day on Mission, presided over by Sr. Berta Graciela Acero and Sr. Fanny Yolanda Barrantes. Around one hundred fifty sisters came together to give thanks and to put into the hands of God, our service of charity, in the different places of our mission.

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26 Jul, 2016
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Mexico, 07/25/2016, Sr. Maria Escayola, Superior General.- Dear Sisters, On the feast of St. James, the apostle, we have received the sad news about the death of Sr. María Magdalena Herrera Palacios. She passed away this morning suddenly in an accident at Bogota.

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25 Jul, 2016
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Poland, 07/25/2016, Sr. Victoria Balteanu.- Dear Sisters: I write to share with you that I am in Poland, from July 17 to August 1st, at the International World Youth meeting. I have come from Lebanon with a group of young people to work as volunteers during the meeting.

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