29 Jun, 2016
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Bangalore (India), 06/05/2016, Sr. Teresa.- Jubilee is a celebration of rejoicing because God has blessed us with immense graces during the past 800 years of life as Dominicans. It is a time of sharing of our joy as a family and a time to thank God for His constant companionship with the order in the past years. So as a family we gathered in our Provincial house on the 4th of June 2016, to celebrate this day of joy.

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26 Jun, 2016
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Paris (France), 06/23/2016, Redaction.- The Spiritual Book Award was given by Panorama - La Procure to Sr. Anne Lécu of the Province of France for her book Tu as couvert ma honte (You Have Covered My Shame) from Cerf Editions. Sr. Anne exerce la médecine en prison. She regularly publishes meditations on the Internet site Signe dans la Bible et and is the author of Des larmes and Marcher vers l’innocence published by Cerf.

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20 Jun, 2016
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Barcelona (Spain), 06/05/2016, Sr. Gemma Morató.- Last June 4, feast of the Sacred Heart, some sisters participated in the Eucharistic Celebration in the Church of Tibidabo in Barcelona. Although the Mass was centered on the feast of the Sacred Heart, it also spoke of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Venerable Dorotea de Chopitea, which was to be celebrated on the following day. A crowded celebration with procession and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament walked the streets in the city of Barcelona. A beautiful moment of communion with so many people who live, suffer and / or do not know the love of God.

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