14 Sep, 2020
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Dighton (Estados Unidos), 14/09/2020, Sr. Maribel Villanueva.- In the process of formation of the novices that I accompany, Emma Perfecta Lopez and Claudia Lorena Redondo, we have followed very closely the materials of reflection of the Year of Grace, they have been a significant contribution to rediscover in the action of each sister the Spirituality of Marie Poussepin, now we want to share a video to participate in this Year of Grace. The novices put their best effort and with the help of some sisters we shared this video with you. 

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12 Sep, 2020
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Nagpur (India), 09/12/2020, Jibin John, Supervisor Marie Poussepin’s Academy.- For more than a decade, I have been a part of Marie Poussepin’s Academy, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Since the beginning, through the Sisters of this Institution I have experienced the warmth of love and care as a family member. When I slowly came to know the life of Bl. Marie Poussepin, I realised that it’s her life which is continuously motivating and inspiring the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation to be the hands, feet and eyes of Jesus in this present world. Later, I even discovered that this Community is THE FIRST DOMINICAN APOSTOLIC COMMUNITY FOR WOMEN. There are various instances when I felt that the Sisters are not only rendering mere education to the students of this city and village, where it is located, but rather, are extending their hands even beyond…

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11 Sep, 2020
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2. EN Hna. María Elizabeth Caicedo Download


By SR. MARÍA ELIZABETH CAICEDO CAICEDO* (COLOMBIA).- Looking at the earth as our home implies remembering its existence in the very first moment, that it is an orbit of the sun, a planet that has circled around the sun for more than 4.450 million years; that the earth has a distance of 150 million kilometers from the sun and that life originated after millions of years, may be 4000, to support life in all its diversity since the first living cell named as Aries by scientists. 

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