23 Aug, 2020
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Bangalore (India), 08/23/2020.- From India comes an original cartoon by Sr. Deepa Moonjley that links the history of the Charism with the present. Marie Poussepin and her work is still valid today. 

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21 Aug, 2020
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Chile, 08/21/2020.- Erwin Olmos Palacios, from the Missionary Community of Presentation at the League (Chile), has produced several triptychs in which images recreate the life and work of Marie Poussepin. These triptychs were born from the motivation of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Beatification of our Mother Founder. 

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20 Aug, 2020
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Ranchi (India), 08/20/2020, Sr. Jini Joseph Mazhuvanchery.- We have become kings, priests and prophets of the kingdom of God as we were plunged into the holy waters of baptism. These words sound very lofty, when we hear them in isolation.

Blessed Marie Poussepin was a prophetess of her time who dared to cut across the barriers of ignorance and misery that had gripped the society of her time. Her significance is in that she dared to accomplish what she knew to be right in the depth of her heart. This is a humble effort to see why she is called the “Social Apostle of Charity” and how we try to follow her in our day and age.

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