27 Sep, 2020
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Rome (Italy), 09/27/2020, Commission of the Year of Grace.- In contrast to present-day life, the liturgy would no longer be woven by demand or necessity, but by the freedom of offering and giving, says St Augustine. In this sense, the liturgy "would be the visible form of hope, a foretaste of the future life, of true life, which prepares us for real life - life in freedom, in the immediacy of God and in an authentic openness to others-" (J. Ratzinger).

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25 Sep, 2020
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Rome (Italy), 25/09/2020, Commission for the Year of Grace.- Dear Sisters, During this year of grace, marked by the coronavirus that has spread throughout the whole world in a very short time, upsetting the daily life of everyone, we have witnessed the gifts that the Lord has granted us through the reflection and sharing on the life and Charism of Marie Poussepin, on the occasion of the celebration of 25 years of her beatification.

"Marie Poussepin, was motivated by this active love  from childhood and was deeply concerned to put herself at the service of the most deprived” (Homily of Holy Father on November 20, 1994) 

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24 Sep, 2020
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Lourdes (France), 09/24/2020, Sr. Cécile Sawadogo.- My name is Sister Cécile Sawadogo of the Vice-Province of Africa; I am on mission in France in Lourdes. Marie Poussepin lived and prayed, she watched over her Work and we give thanks to God. She put in practice her life as a woman, she was close to the cross of Christ; she exercised her charism and she was charitable towards the neediest.

The year of grace is a joy of the heart, it is a thanksgiving to God for his gift, for all his works. Marie Poussepin founded her congregation with the girls without baggage, and the sisters remained faithful to her work until her beatification. I felt joy when I knew that I was chosen with Sister Noëllie KABORE to go to the beatification, it was a great joy for me, it was Sister Carmen del Pilar who announced it to me. May her soul rest in peace!

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