20 Apr, 2023
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Chañaral, Atacama (Chile), 04/19/2023, Sr. Gabriela Vergara.- From 5 to 9 April, a group of 12 young people (8 girls and 4 boys) belonging to the schools where the sisters carry out their mission: Colegio Católico Manuel Montt de Petorca, Colegio Marie Poussepin, Putaendo, Colegio Nuestra Señora de la Presentación, Melipilla and Colegio Parroquial Maria Goretti, Concón, accompanied by 4 sisters, lived the Holy Week Mission experience in the community of El Salado, Chañaral, Atacama region.

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14 Apr, 2023
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Manizales (Colombia), 04/14/2023, Interprovincial Novitiate.- The sisters, being a few meters from the hospital, got out of the cars. There, the president of the Republic Manuel Murillo Toro with all doctors and hospital administrators. Also a priest sent by the Archbishop and some parishioners with whom they went to the hospital facilities were presents.

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13 Apr, 2023
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Bangalore (India), Sr. ANULA IRVIN SUGUNA, OP, April 16, 2023.- Stronger faith leads to deeper peace

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