27 Sep, 2022
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Brownsville, TX (USA), 09/27/2022, Brownsville Community.- Our Community of three Sisters is geographically located at the last point, from west to east, of the long border between the United States and Mexico; 3,169 Km. In U.S. territory, Brownsville, TX., and in Mexican territory, Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Ecclesially we belong to the Diocese of Brownsville.

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24 Sep, 2022
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Paris (Francia), 09/24/2022, Sr. Pascaline Bilgo.- We met with Sr Anne-Claire, from the community at 312 rue de Vaugirard, Paris, to do a short interview with her and talk about ecology.

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13 Sep, 2022
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Putaendo (Chile), 09/13/2022, MCS – Viceprovince of Aconcagua.- On September 10th we celebrated in the Parish of San Antonio de Padua de Putaendo, Chile, the perpetual vows of Sister Licarayen Fernanda Torres Muñoz of the Vice-Province of Aconcagua.

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