31 Aug, 2022
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India, 08/31/2022, Sr. Munika Dang, Sr. Rekha Kujur, Sr. Salmi Toppo and Sr. Godlima Kujur.- Love never gives up. This had been our experience. God’s love is unconditional; He does everything with a purpose and not by accident. He chooses to love us and make us become His followers. We could experience the love of God who had been accompanying us through out these past years and revealing His love through all our sisters.

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25 Aug, 2022
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Girardot (Colombia), 08/25/2022, Sr. Olga María Botia Sánchez, JPIC Delegate Santafé Province.- To bring to life the exhortations that the Social Doctrine of the Church and the documents of the Congregation propose is a permanent call to discernment and personal and community demands, to allow new experiences to be born that respond to the Cry of the earth and the Cry of the poor.

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15 Aug, 2022
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Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), 15/08/2022, Sr. Viviane Kiswensida COMPAORE.- On August 8th 2022 in the Vice-Province of Africa, in the parish of Our Lady of Fatima of Dassasgho, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, we had the grace to celebrate several happy events which mark on the one hand the growth in number of our Vice-Province but on the other hand and above all the blessings of the Lord towards us by choosing from among us persons for the proclamation of his Good News in the service of the Church in the exercise of charity.

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