14 Jun, 2023
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Barcelona (Spain) – Tours (France), MCS Team of the Congregation, 06/14/2023.- On May 27 and 28, the meeting of sharing and knowledge of the sisters of the provinces of Spain and France. It was a weekend full of many emotions, a lot of sharing and a tremendous hope for, as the chosen motto said, "To weave together a new page of our history".

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07 Jun, 2023
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Barcelona (Spain) - Tours (France), 07/07/2023, Briefs from France and Srs. Conchi García and Gemma Morató.- On May 27-28, during the meeting of sisters from Spain and France in Tours, Sr. Anne Lécu offered us a profound and beautiful meditation on "the perfumes in the Bible", suggesting that our union could be inspired by it, since perfume only finds its meaning in the gift of itself. We now offer you the video of the conference and the text translated into English. We will soon report extensively on the fraternal meeting we had.

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04 Jun, 2023
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Bogotá (Colombia), 06/04/2023, Nubia Yaneth Chávez Corredor.- One of the most significant activities in the context of the celebration of 150 years of the arrival of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation in Colombia, is the virtual meeting between the communities of the two provinces of Santafé and Bogotá every 21st of the month, who guided by the reflection proposed by the interprovincial novitiate in Santa Clara – Manizales, give spaces in community life for reflection and attitudes of gratitude for the seed scattered by the Congregation; On May 21, these meetings of preparation finished. As a conclusion, we will share some parts of the reflection made by Sister carmenza Avellaneda Navas, about what restoration means, taking as a frame of reference, the restoration of the chapel of La Presentation, in Colombia:

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