18 Jun, 2016
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Santa Fe de Bogotá (Colombia), 06/08/2016, Sr. Rosalba Villamil.- Vocation is what explains, in its deph, the mystery of human life, the mystery of preaching and absolute gratitude. Let us relook at one of the urgencies of the 54th General Chapter which tells us: We must “commit ourselves to Vocation Ministry with responsibility and creativity as a mission of the local community as a whole.”  In the agreements taken at the meeting of the contact persons in each community on July 2015 in Petaluma we agreed to: Establish a clear and concrete agenda about the number and dates for the meetings for vocations to strengthen the work and commitment of each local community.

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16 Jun, 2016
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Camporredondo (Peru), 04/28/2016, From the Supplement Camporredondo of Los Andes.- In response to the request made in 2013 by Bishop Emiliano Antonio Cisneros Martinez, Augustinian Recollect, Bishop of the Diocese of Chachapoyas, in the department of Amazonas, Peru, and after several missionary experiences in which participated some lay people, and much discernment, on April 27 in a Eucharist celebrated at the provincial house in Lima and presided over by Fr. Juan José Salaverry, provincial prior of the Dominicans,  it took place the official sending  of the Sisters. Rocío del Pilar Cuéllar Dávalos, Ana Inés Márquez Paneso, Nora del Socorro Zuleta Posada and María Natalia Huamán Vicente, who departed from Lima to Camporredondo on April 28, with happiness and generosity of missionary launches and risks bringing the Good News.

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14 Jun, 2016
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France, 01/05/2016, Sr. Amanda Mancipe.- The so called Düsseldorf meetings were born of the desire of the young sisters of the Dominican Congregations in Europe. Sr. Cielo Esperanza Patiño from the Community of Il Rosario (Roma) and I (France) participated in this meeting (01/02-04/2016) at the invitation of Sr. Veronique Margron, provincial superior. We were a group of 22 Sisters from the different countries and Dominican Congregations in Europe and Sr. Else-Britt, the continental coordinator. Sr. Else presented us the history and statistics of the Apostolic Dominican Sisters in Europe.

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