17 Apr, 2016
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Santa Fe de Bogotá, 03/19/2016, Sr. Leidy Viviany Moreno Garzón.- On Saturday March 19th at the Provincial House, the first meeting of Means of Social Communication was held under the leadership of Sr. Juliana Alejandra Triana Palomina and Sr. Leidy Viviany Moreno Garzon. The aim of this meeting was to let the participants get to know the Project of MSC of the Congregation. At the same time we made use of the occasion to teach the Sisters who were present about the different updates and social networks which are present in the world of cyber nets and which are available for us for the service of Evangelization.

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16 Apr, 2016
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Tovar (Venezuela), School La Presentación.- To remember and celebrate the memory of our foundress with our students is always an opportunity for them to be deepened in our Charism. It is also a time to express their creativity and talents. This year we commemorated the death of our Blessed Foundress, through an art gallery of frames with figures sketched from the life and work of Marie Poussepin using different techniques.

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15 Apr, 2016
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Bogotá (Colombia), 02/26/2016, Sr. Leidy Adriana León - Professor Iván Darío Martínez.- On Friday February 26th, with the blessing of God, we began the so called encounters with Christ in our Educational institution called La Presentación. It is a beautiful privilege and opportunity to encourage each student to have a personal and community encounter with Christ, grow in her faith, deepen her self- knowledge and spiritual life, make small exercises of discernment and grow in fraternity, as daughters of the same Father who is God

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