08 Aug, 2020
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Venezuela, 08/08/2020, Marcos Milano.- The proclamation of Jesus Christ in the service of Charity.

The ways of God are mysterious like the way of the wind, or like the way in which the human spirit is infused into the body of the child even in the womb of its mother (Ecclesiastes 11: 5).

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07 Aug, 2020
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Amman (Jordania), 08/07/2020, Sr. Nancy Jaimes.- 

Her name: Marie Poussepin
Daughter of Providence
Leave Dourdan to go to Sainville
Responding to God vehemently.

Servant of God is called
For making the Gospel come alive
As a consecrated woman
Teaching, healing, serving.

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04 Aug, 2020
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Bucaramanga (Colombia), 08/04/2020.- More art comes to us from Bucaramanga.

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