03 Jun, 2020
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Philippines, 06/03/2020, THI NGOC NGA NGUYEN (de Vietnam), postulant.- The grace of God is boundless...

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01 Jun, 2020
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Barcelona (Spain), 06/01/2020, Sr. Gemma Morató i Sendra.- Welcome to this video on the website, to introduce you to a new section in the Year of Grace, a section called "Witnesses." You can find this section in our web page in the section specially dedicated to the Year of Grace, the year in which we remember and commemorate the 25 years of the Beatification of Marie Poussepin

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29 May, 2020
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Community of Buesaco, Nariño (Colombia), 05/28/2020, Sr. Rosa Zenaida Barrios Prieto.- This drawing is inspired by the mission, as Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, we do with children. Children who place their trust in us and find in each one of the Sisters an answer to their needs.

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