29 Jul, 2020
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 Philippines, 07/29/2020.- This is a video made by Mary Dang Thi Bich Ha, one of our novices in Philippines. The song is in Vietnamese. 

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28 Jul, 2020
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Bucaramanga (Colombia), 07/28/2020, Marlén Cecilia Consuegra V..- Marie Poussepin, a great human being who marked my personal and professional life. I met her during the 28 years I spent as a social science teacher at La Milagrosa Institute in Santa Marta, in the Colombian Caribbean, where I had beautiful unforgettable experiences with my students, marked by the principles and fundamental pillars of a woman who traced my spiritual and pedagogical path in a clear and concise manner: charity, justice, responsibility, simplicity and work were the purest essence of my work at the school. 

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27 Jul, 2020
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Bangalore (India), 07/27/2020.- Three beautiful texts come to us from India, testimony of the love they have in this country for Marie Poussepin.

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