19 Jul, 2020
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Venezuela, 07/19/2020.- Sr. Leonor Durán León is a sister who made her first profession in the Province of Bucaramanga and she was sent to carry out the mission in the Province of El Caribe. She stayed in Venezuela for many years in missionary service; she returned last year to the Province of Bucaramanga. She is the author of the picture that you see, of Blessed Marie Poussepin. In the picture you see the signature of Sr. Leonor and the date of 30 January 1981. The oil pastel technique was used.

H. Leonor tells us that she pasted a large sheet of cardboard she found behind the door of her room and at night, when the Sisters went to sleep, she began to paint. She found the picture so beautiful that she painted 5, a picture for each of the schools of the Province and for the Provincial house. In 1994 when the Beatification brought a painting of these, to the Marie Poussepin Study Centre (CEMP) in France.

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19 Jul, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia) / Perico (Cuba), 07/18/2020.- From the province of Bogotá the sisters continue to write to Marie Poussepin.

Marie Poussepin, in the darkness shines like a light

The small town of Dourdan
with its beautiful blue sky,
a nice place to live.
There, October 14, 1653
a girl was born
that lights up the house
of the Poussepin family.

The day of her birth
baptismal waters
are bathed in the forehead of this
new daughter of God;
and as an omen
of love and tenderness
Her name was Marie.

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17 Jul, 2020
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Bogotá (Colombia), 07/17/2020.- Several poems come to us from the Province of Bogotá.

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